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Offer customers efficient, high-intensity low-heat horticultural lighting with a Pioneer VI Grow T5 fluorescent fixture. This Pioneer features an exclusive wide dispersion reflector designed to cover a larger growing area than most fluorescent fixtures. Unit comes with a built-in 120V outlet to link multiple systems together and six VitaLUME T5 Grow tubes to provide the spectrum plants need for vegetative growth. Pioneer fixture includes hanging hardware, 11' power cord and a five-year warranty. The Pioneer VI measures 47" x 20" with a depth of 2 1/4".

MSRP: $209.00

Available Sizes and MSRP
Pioneer VI Grow, 6 Tube Fluorescent Fixture   6 tube   $209.00
Pioneer IV Grow, 4 Tube Fluorescent Fixture   4 tube   $154.00
Pioneer VIII Grow, 8 Tube Fluorescent Fixture   8 tube   $252.00
Related Items and MSRP
Sunleaves 4' VitaLUME T5 Bloom Tube   54W   $15.50
Sunleaves Pioneer VI Bloom   6 tube   $209.00
Sunleaves Pioneer VI, w/out Tubes   6 tube   $159.00
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Pioneer Instructions 2012.pdf       

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